Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites #69: Birthday Wish List

For those of you who don't know, my 26th birthday is on Tuesday!  I thought it might be apropos to make this week's Friday Favorites post into a birthday wish list.  Some of these pieces are brand new arrivals, and some of them have appeared in previous FF posts... but either way, they're all items I'm dying to unwrap!  :)
irregular choice, amy poehler, lindy bop, modcloth, keiko lynn

I won't be doing much celebrating this weekend (I'll be working and performing, instead!), but I do have something very special planned for Sunday right here on the blog!!  I promise that you won't want to miss it, so be sure to check back later this weekend.  <3  

Have a great Friday!
xox Sammi

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daisy Bell

pastel vintage

I know autumn is the time for plaids and rich colors... but who says you can't wear pastels in the fall??  Kate recently sent me this dress as a gift (which was incredibly sweet of her), and I couldn't wait to wear it.  It's not a dress that I would necessarily pick out for myself, but the details are incredibly darling, and I ended up really loving it.  I decided to pair it with this cropped cardigan -- which I own in like, 6 other colors because I love it so much! -- and the pillbox hat and daisy brooch just jumped out at me.  I wish I had a pair of little yellow shoes, though!

cropped cardigan
blue lace dress
blue modcloth dress

This whole week looks like it's going to be rainy and cold(ish), so these sunshine-y photos are making me happy!  I have lots of fun stuff coming up here on the blog within the next week, so stay tuned -- especially this Sunday (hint hint)!  :)  My birthday is next Tuesday, though it honestly doesn't feel like it.  Maybe bloggy stuff will help put me in the celebratory spirit.  

vintage fashion
daisy brooch
light blue lace dress
Outfit Details
Dress: gift from Kate (similar)
Cardigan: Pinup Girl Clothing (exact)
Nude heels: ModCloth (similar)
Pillbox hat: Neely Auction
Daisy brooch: Mom's

blue pillbox hat

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xox Sammi

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Baby's in Black

lindy bop dress

I don't wear black very often on my blog, which is sort of funny, since I essentially lived in black clothes not too long ago.  When you're a theatre student, wearing black is a requirement for a lot of classes, but since graduating from college, I wear it far less often than I used to.  Still, it's nice go back to black every once and a while, and who doesn't love a good LBD?  I only own a couple of black dresses, and this one is probably the most formal one I have.  I wore this Lindy Bop dress back in June when I sang with my dad's band during the Rochester Jazz Festival, but hadn't worn it since then.  I wasn't totally in love with it the first time I wore it, honestly, but it's grown on me a lot since then -- and looks about a million times better with a petticoat!  This would be good cocktail party attire... but since I don't often frequent those, I think it'd be a cute New Year's Eve outfit, too.

black vintage dress
black lindy bop dress

I've been working a ton this week, and my parents have been away on vacation, so I've had the house to myself.  I've spent lots of quality time with Pumpkin (who has been extra snuggly), and the time alone has actually been very nice.  I've thought many times about whether I'd want to live alone if I moved, and this has been a good test for that on a small scale.  Oh, and my best friend Wayne is finally home from the hospital and on the mend.  So, good news all around.

black retro dress
bettie bangs
black dress
 Outfit Details
Dress: Lindy Bop
Heels: ModCloth (similar)
Belt: from another dress
Necklace: similar
Petticoat: eBay

Have a great Sunday!
xox Sammi

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites #68

Happy Friday!  I'm definitely glad the weekend is (nearly) here!  Here are some lovely little things to start off your day:

This breakfast-inspired collection from Italian brand Lazzari is amazing.  The croissant collar!  The milk carton pocket!  The toast pockets!  And a Tori Amos reference (though proclaiming yourself to actually be a "cornflake girl" is not necessarily a good thing)!  I'm head-over-heels for this whimsical line.
lazzari brand
lazzari toast
a   //   b   //   c   //   d   //   e

And speaking of breakfast, I so want this Orange Is The New Black cookbook:

These Miss L-Fire cherry heels are divine:
miss l-fire cherry

I really don't need another red coat, but if I did, this one by Kling would be on my list:
kling coat
While we're on the subject of coats... I have to mention these two from Ruche:
twee coats
1   //   2

And I love this sweet spearmint coat, too!
mint coat

I'm so smitten with this dress from Sugarhill Boutique.  The cut is perfect, and the print is adorable!
sugarhill boutique dress
I really love velvet dresses, and these two would be perfect for the chilly months ahead.  (And would you believe that the one on the left is from Abercrombie & Fitch?!)
velvet dress
1   //   2

I also love these velvet Mary Janes!  They make me think of Christmastime.
velvet mary janes

It's certainly no secret that I love plaid, and this version of the Record Time Dress from ModCloth is so great for autumn and winter!  I have this dress in light pink, but I think this one is much more versatile.
in record time modcloth
This locomotive clutch from Kate Spade is wonderful:
kate spade train clutch
I couldn't resist this dress.  Polka dots and scallops?  C'mon!
polka dot collar dress
I think this is such a fun & simple idea for Halloween: make a spooky sock bun with this spidery kit!
sock bun
I could watch this corgi play with a pumpkin all day long:

I looked in my sock drawer the other day and realized that half my tights from last year have runs in them, which means I'll have to start stocking up soon.  I reeeeally want these tights from Tabbisocks!
cute tights
I loved this piece on 5 fictional characters that have an influence on the author's fall style!  I especially agree with Judy Funnie and Fiona from the Josie & the Pussycats movie.

josie and the pussycats

This photographic print dress from Yumi is so gorgeous:
photographic print dress

I love this circus-inspired collar from Lady Petrova:
detachable collar
And finally, even though blossoms and blooms are a far way off... these botanical pieces from Vivetta seem perfect for almost any season.  Totally swoon-worthy!

vivetta dress
a   //   b

Have a great Friday!
xox Sammi

This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I may receive a small commission, which helps to run my blog.  I link only to items I absolutely love, from companies I wholeheartedly support.  Thank you for supporting The Soubrette Brunette!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


modcloth luck be a lady
I have decided that I really need to invest in some more button-down blouses for the fall and winter.  It's normally pretty difficult for me to find these types of blouses that I like; if you're well-endowed, finding a top that is both flattering and devoid of button-gaping is like the quest for the Holy Grail of Tops.  But I've realized that there's a loophole in this struggle: when you layer blouses underneath dresses, neither of those factors is imperative!  For instance, this top by Lazy Oaf has an amazing print, but it also has an unfortunate (on me) high-low hem that makes the top really billowy and unflattering, worn on its own.  But you'd never know by looking at it here!  As long as the dress is flattering -- and any imperfections in the shirt aren't obvious through the dress -- then you're good to go!  

lazy oaf shirt
red modcloth dress

I have a few of these Luck Be a Lady dresses from ModCloth (they're made by Closet, a UK-based brand), and I really love the silhouette of them.  Plus, they're the perfect layering dress.  I usually wear them with a cropped cardigan (they've become my go-to audition dress!), but I'm smitten with how they look with a blouse underneath.  Plus, it's the sort of look that can easily be styled in a casual way with slouchy boots or dressed up with heels.  Do you own any of these dresses?  What's your favorite way to style them?

dress and blouse
 Outfit Details
Luck Be a Lady Dress in Red: ModCloth (similar styles)
Lazy Oaf blouse: ModCloth (similar styles)
Belt: ASOS (similar)
Flats: YesStyle

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xox Sammi

Monday, October 13, 2014

Saffron & Cinnamon: Flock Together

Good morning!  I'm over on the Flock Together blog today, remixing this great vintage dress from Katie of Butterfly Loves Snapdragons!  I had such a fun time styling this one.  Follow me over to Flock Together for all the details!

yellow vintage dress

Have a great Monday!
xox Sammi

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tudor Rose

square dance dress

Okay, so these photos are from August.  I totally forgot that I uploaded them and then never posted about them.  But I figured that if I waited much longer, they wouldn't be relevant until the weather got warmer again, which would make me sad since this dress is so beautiful and I loved wearing it.  I ended up wearing when my mom and I made our nearly-yearly pilgrimage to the Sterling Renaissance Festival.  I'd been planning on wearing something else, but when I tried on that other dress, it was MUCH shorter and tighter than I remembered (whoops), so I had to go with Plan B... which ended up being much better anyway!

patio dress
rose print dress
patio dress

This dress was actually an Instagram find!  It was really delayed in getting to me (it got lost in the mail and was returned to the sender, for some reason), but fortunately, it arrived in time for the Faire.  It's slightly too tight around the waist, but I was determined to make it work.  I've found that square dance dresses are a good compromise between costume and something that one can wear in "real life" (though I do realize that even this would be way too much for some people).  I thought the rosebud print was just too sweet to pass up!

floral square dance dress
rosebud print
vintage dress

Also, a mosquito bit me right on the temple while taking these photos.  One great thing about fall: the mosquitoes finally go away!  I was really resistant to summer ending at first, but now I'm really excited for the fall.  I just hope it lasts a while before snow overtakes everything!  (I hate myself for even bringing up the word "snow.")

floral vintage dress
Outfit Details
Flower crown: ModCloth (similar)
Shoes: similar

Have a lovely Saturday!
xox Sammi
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